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After-sales service

Ensure that the product on time to complete the installation acceptance.

Ensure that products in the warranty period for customers to provide maximum benefit.

1) before the installation of field work.

2) ready before installation personnel, vehicle scheduling and ready for the product.

3) after installation completes the site cleaning and cleaning of the product.

4) customers required to do a good job of self-check before acceptance.

After the acceptance of 5), pays a return visit at least once a month.

6) after the first visit to visit once every six months.

7) customers such as relocation, provide furniture disassembly and assembly services.

[Yatai solemn promise: three years of three packs, ten years of free maintenance, lifetime maintenance]

 Yatai Furniture Co., Ltd. has an excellent and professional customer service team, perfect after-sales service process, strictly in accordance with the management procedures of ISO9001 quality system documents, and the after-sales service system is complete. Ensure that customers enjoy the best after-sales service.

A ten-year free warranty period for all products, and a “six-year three-pack” service for all products:

1. The service description of the “three guarantees” for the delivery of goods by us:

 Return: When the product is inspected, if serious quality problems are found, it can be returned or replaced;

Replacement: During the warranty period, the user has a fault under normal use, and if it still cannot be used normally after repair, the company promises to replace the new product of the same style, specification and material unconditionally within 48 hours;

Bao Xiu: Our company provides lifetime warranty service for the products sold.

Second, the emergency time schedule during the "three guarantees" period (1 hour response, 2 hours in place, 24 hours to solve)

After receiving Party A's request for after-sales service, telephone or fax, respond within 1 hour, immediately arrange a special person to handle, within 2 hours, the personnel will be in place, and solve the problem within 24 hours; in the event of non-use function failure, After receiving the user's notice, if the problem is serious and cannot be solved in a short time, our company will make a written explanation and clearly resolve the time. If it is still not repaired within 2 days, we will provide similar products instead.

Third, after-sales service content

1. Documenting customer data and establishing a customer network system: Yatai Company will complete the detailed information of all customers (number, customer name, address, principal responsible person, contact phone number, purchase product content, etc.), after receiving the customer's call. In the complicated customer network system, it is convenient for our company to respond correctly and quickly.

2, customer survey and customer satisfaction assessment: the company regularly arranges professionals to conduct customer return visits and customer satisfaction surveys, make a comprehensive assessment, and clarify the direction of after-sales.

3. There are finished warehouses, spare parts and consumable parts warehouses.

The company has a self-use finished product warehouse and spare parts, and a consumable parts warehouse. In order to be able to independently undertake all delivery, installation and maintenance services. And long-term regular dispatch of customer service staff to call or visit your company for after-sales service tracking.

Fourth, after-sales commitment

1. The company promises that all Yatai products sold under the normal use conditions will provide ten years of high quality warranty.

2. If the relevant requirements of the contract are not met due to product quality reasons, the company unconditionally accepts the contractual deduction commitment.

3. If there are major quality problems in the products sold by Yatai, affecting the normal use of the customers, the company promises to replace the new products unconditionally!

4. Comprehensive cleaning service after installation.

 5, according to customer requirements, provide furniture renovation and disassembly services.

6, exceed the product warranty period, all of which are product quality problems, in addition to labor and materials, are entitled to free lifetime maintenance.

7. During the product warranty period, all products of the company are provided with free maintenance service. Within one hour, the customer feedbacks and responds to the customer's location within 2 hours. If the specific customer problem can be solved on site, Immediately resolved on site.

8. Our company provides “three guarantees” service for returning, replacing and repairing the after-sales products.