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Research and development design concept

Innovation is the core driving force of enterprise development. Each furniture company focus on original design, long-term cooperation with foreign excellent designers, constantly reforming technology and technological innovation, product design and materials, such as space planning, office culture all-round cooperation. Company absorb the essence of the Chinese traditional culture, well-designed products and space planning is the perfect combination of technology and art, the perfection of nobleness and luxury embodied, space and the ingenious fusion of culture. The company initially formed from product research and development, procurement, production, sales across the country and overseas product manufacturing and service capacity network as a whole.

On the structure of product line, the company focused on all kinds of furniture of high quality and high-end customer demand, according to the company's powerful custom furniture and craft level manufacturing capacity, continue to lead and promote customer demand and satisfaction; The company since its establishment of precipitation for office, hotel furniture products and commercial space understanding and accurate grasp the ability to process quality, continuous proactive development to meet customer for the future the functional requirements of the commercial environment, pursuit of providing customers with more efficient solutions for commercial space; Company by integrating hotel, office furniture interactive features of the concept of art and design, combined with high-end people's understanding of both home and business activities, creating art classic furniture of human activity.


Product research and development team

With strong research and development ability is the core of the Thai remain competitive, a factor. We fully understand the customer's requirements are always changes with the development of economy. Therefore, ya tai have been trying to meet the requirements of the customer diversification and personalized, at the same time to improve their ability of research and development system.

Ya tai believes that provides the high quality furniture products is only one of our work content, throughout the high quality service is our mission.


Engineering environmental protection concept

Green, health, nowadays, return to nature, the focus on health, is an important subject of human face and the strong desire. People fall in love the pursuit of green concept and behavior, already thorough popular feeling gradually. In terms of decoration, green design, green installation are especially popular. We in the furniture raw material procurement, processing, production, installation, maintenance and so on each link strict control, the materials are reach or exceed national environmental standards; For the purpose of environmental protection design and production of non-toxic harmless non-pollution office furniture, all passed the state environmental protection department designated agency confirmed according to the environmental protection standard of the product. For polyester paint, latex, adhesive, gap filling agent, avoid nail glue and other auxiliary materials, are also are all made of non-toxic harmless pollution-free products.

Low carbon, energy saving, low carbon is advocated by low energy, low consumption, low cost, to minimize energy consumption, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, protect the earth's environment is no longer continued warming. We in the space design, focus on building ventilation, fluency, and at the site of the reasonable is put all kinds of green plants.

Environmental protection, is a basic furniture from personnel of course of conscience and responsibility. If we know that the staff in the environment of formaldehyde or three benzene exceed bid live for a long time, will lead to the disease, rhinitis and respiratory system, central nervous system damage, sub-health fetal malformation, leukemia, frequent chronic disease, the pregnant woman. So, in order to the customer's health, must attach importance to environmental protection. We solemnly promise: don't use environmental protection standard of raw materials.

Furniture of local climate adaptability

Given around the climate characteristic, involved in solid wood products, selects the high quality imported wood, after selection of the wood with texture structure tightly, uniform, fine and only a very little and sparse knot in many excellent characteristics, such as; At the same time when the raw wood all pass the anticorrosion, dry processing, all of which ensures the quality of the furniture from the source. Second, our company adopts the advanced in the process of production - level 3 drying wood drying treatment technology.

It according to the physical properties of inherent lumber, combined with modern furniture production technology, imported the most advanced drying equipment, according to different regions, different varieties of equilibrium moisture content of wood with phase control method, achieve the goal of wood drying. After three dry hardwood and woodiness material, immediately to paint closed processing of products, make its moisture content will not change along with the air humidity fluctuations, thus eliminating the furniture phenomenon such as crack, deformation and degumming.