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Guangdong ya tai furniture co., LTD. Is a set design, production, sales and service in a body's modernized furniture company, specializing in the production of high-end custom furniture, star hotel furniture, villa furniture, furniture professional production enterprises, commercial project activities with furniture and solid loading furniture production base, China's gold medal hotel furniture supplier, the national top suppliers in the hotel industry. Company is equipped with a large number of imported from Italy, Germany, Taiwan advanced equipment, has a strong technical and management strength, product system covers the five-star hotel furniture, hotel furniture, hotel room furniture, office furniture, villa clubhouse furniture, restaurant furniture, KTV furniture, furniture, decorative wooden door, solid loading, etc. Through the implementation of scientific and standardized management, the company successfully passed the international authoritative institutions ISO9001 quality management system certification,

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  • business license of the old
  • Elegant furniture - green
  • Elegant furniture - a famous brand
  • Occupational health management system certification
  • Quality management system certification
  • Quality management system certification
  • Occupational health management system certification
  • Elegant furniture - a famous brand
  • Elegant furniture - green

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