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"Let fu"

The vast universe, deep deep mo can measure; He sky, vastly almost no.

Jianghai surging, its potential capacity to trickle also; Mountains towering its shape, and capacity in soil. Don't let little people, can become high level; Acceptance are served, let is impossible thing, will into a big business.

Let love. Ren is also, love you also; So the biochemical nature, so harmonious society; Benevolence in China also, love in heart. Capacity, inclusive. People living also, grasp RenYi qi, the show of the five elements, is the soul of the universe; Heart of the mind, the real world of the boundless universe; The spirit of wisdom and presence of my feelings. Let person, calmly. Subway's life, there is no I dedication; Footprints, who is to the surroundings? Calmly, sufficient foresight and wisdom, confidence of static gas, also lead the light also, everybody style also. Capacity, and harmony. Eastern civilization, natural imitation; Really the essence of nature of four, eight side, vertical great big fan; It began in the accommodation, it in harmony. Capacity, and honor. Day so honour, RongNaiRong; People respect for me, I worship the way; Well for me, I RongQiDe; Will let heart heart, avenue with achievements.

The virtue of the gentleman, people do not know and not best; Sage, different can let their terms. Ya tai chung capacity for the trip; The 15 heaven, let is boundless.