Villa in the soft outfit design of the sitting room
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The living room is where the host meets the guests and is also the center of family living and activities. The doors and windows are the openings for the qi to enter and exit the house.



The living room is where the host meets the guests and is also the center of family living and activities. According to this feature, the friendly and harmonious conversation environment, the relaxed and sleek furniture layout, the elegant artistic atmosphere and the energetic plant greening should be the main theme of the living room layout.

First, the villa decoration style and soft design must be consistent:

The villa design is most concerned with the overall coordination. Generally speaking, the living room is an important place in the home, so the living room should be wide enough to be too crowded. Don't choose too much color in the living room, because the living room is a place for hospitality and rest, too deep color is easy to make people feel bad.

Second, the villa decoration design partition should be reasonable:

In addition to the family's activity space, the living room is also a social space for receiving guests. Therefore, the villa living room design should consider other aspects: first, the arrangement of the reception area and the rest area; second, the villa living room decoration should use the characteristics of the house, consider the layering of the space; third, the interior decoration and the external environment Coordination.

Three. Villa living room decoration should pay attention to Feng Shui settings:

The living room feng shui first looks at the light, so try to avoid placing too many thick pots on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. The bright living room can bring you a strong family. The doors and windows are the openings for the qi to enter and exit the house. The door cannot be connected with the window and the back door in a straight line, forming the front and rear doors to wear, so that the qi can go straight out and cannot be gathered in the house. Therefore, wealth cannot be gathered, so it is said that it is a fortune.

Fourth, the lighting design of the villa living room decoration:

Many residents want the lighting in the living room to vary with different uses and occasions. There is a lighting adjustment system in the intelligent system. It can control the lighting state as needed, and can simulate the change of sunlight in nature. Residents can feel the seasonal changes from summer to winter and spring to autumn by tapping the switch or remote control, and can even simulate different time periods of the day.

Fifth, the villa living room decoration materials should be universal:

In the villa living room decoration, you must ensure that the decoration materials used, especially the floor materials, can be used for most of the family living behavior. For example, laying too smooth floor tiles in the living room may cause harm to the elderly or children or hinder their actions.

Sixth, the villa living room decoration style should not be different:

No matter how different the personality or aesthetics of you or any family member, unless you usually have no friends or relatives, you must ensure that the style of the villa's living room is accepted by the public. But this does not mean that the villa living room decoration must be ordinary and ordinary, but need to design a harmonious and more acceptable style for adults.

Seven, villa living room decoration do not ignore the curtains:

Window coverings not only represent the end of a room decoration, they are as important to a room as jewelry is to women. In addition to paint, window coverings are the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and feel of the entire room. A high-end living room should choose a suitable curtain to make the villa living room decoration more harmonious.

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