Do an outfit for the first time, how to determine its decorate a style
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This style of residential color, mostly in wood and green as the main color, with a light blue color reflecting the natural color.2, simple style, that is, modern, Nordic style.


The first step: the style of the house is determined by the style: each person's living habits and aesthetic views are different, and the decoration will also vary according to the owner's preferences. The main styles of home improvement can be divided into four types:

1, natural style, that is, country style. This style of residential color, mostly in wood and green as the main color, with a light blue color reflecting the natural color.

2, simple style, that is, modern, Nordic style. This style of house uses silver, white as the main color, and is matched with brighter accessories. The minimalist style expands the space, so it is especially suitable for small houses.

3, retro style, that is, classical style. People who like this style are not necessarily middle-aged friends, and more and more young people are more inclined to classical style. This style of color matching uses gorgeous gold and cloud spots that can be seen from marble.

4, mix and match style, now more popular combination of modern style and classical style. This style of decoration enhances the space and adds a classic charm.

The second step: learn color matching: the use of color will make the home more in line with their own taste, but also make the original lifeless home become lively and interesting. The color matching can be a monochrome match, a three-color match, and a mix of colors. The rules for the color of home decoration are nothing more than three:

1, contrast style, using a strong contrast color, cold and warm contrast color, bold use between different textures is a mainstream of home improvement.

2. Coordinating color tones, friends who want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, must choose this rule. Soft tones bring a sense of serenity to life, easy to grasp and use, changeable and harmonious.

3, mixed color, here not only refers to the pink, bold use of pink, mint green, pink orange and other bright colors. These colors will be an important part of the home. These mixed colors, low-key, honest, understated, quiet, do not express a clear attitude.

The third step: home improvement material selection: After selecting the style and color, it will enter the focus of home improvement - the choice of home improvement materials.

Corresponding to the style of home decoration, the style of the decoration materials should also be seated. For example, natural styles of course correspond to natural materials. Wood or wood-colored materials are a good choice. For another example, the minimalist style originated from the minimalism of modernism. Wood products with metal materials were used, and the glass or mirror decoration effect was better. The so-called simplicity is not simple, and it requires more precision in the selection of materials. Another example is that the vintage style material is mostly made of solid wood material, and the cultural stone is also a good choice. Classical design, interior decoration is colorful, exquisite and rough, and the combination of romance and elegance is full of aristocratic atmosphere.

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