How household design, take a look at northern wind!!!!
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One, simple: Nordic contracted style is the design elements, color, lighting, raw materials are reduced to the least extent, but the high requirement of material texture and color.

One, simple: Nordic contracted style is the design elements, color, lighting, raw materials are reduced to the least extent, but the high requirement of material texture and color. As a result, the space design of boreal Europe contracted style usually is very implicative, with concise form to meet the people to the space environment that perceptual, instinct and rational demand, fully embodies the minimalism of concise and lively. Let's take a look at the Nordic contracted style home outfit contain specific what characteristic, in order to deepen our understanding of the concept of the Nordic contracted style.

The mass-tone attune of the contracted style features a: northern Europe


First is warm woodiness floor, usually as the mass-tone attune of the Nordic contracted style.

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Metope USES color can be light grey color range is very wide (gray) or white, larger wood or local metope USES the contrast color harmony, cloth art also has distinct characteristics, such as coarse cloth and blue grid cloth. Color of the frame and color purity higher abstract painting works more harmonious, simple modern style is reflected in the concise and practical.

Characteristics of the two: the contracted style without grain appearance and design decoration

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Nordic contracted style in the design of domestic outfit almost without condole top, is white walls, white roof. Smooth lines, the succinct, color piece is also very simple. Give a person a kind of far away from the city blatant feeling.

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Whether it's in northern Europe contracted style building, or in the interior design of boreal Europe contracted style, is the interior of the top three, wall, ground surface, no grain appearance and pattern adornment, only lines and colors to distinguish between an ornament.

The characteristics of the three: the furniture of boreal Europe contracted style design

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The respect is designed in the furniture of boreal Europe contracted style, created a completely without the use of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, the Nordic furniture, decorative furniture products is actually a variety of forms. If what do they have in common that must be a simple, direct, functionalization, and close to nature, a quiet Nordic amorous feelings, is by no means demagogic vanity design effect. As long as in the boreal Europe furniture are choosing no coating processing of wooden furniture, embody the plain of logs.

Color: a basic understanding of the Nordic style home again after the Nordic style on the last color is what feeling?

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The gray color, like this not only apathy, there's still a little warm feeling.

Or it with heavy color

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Add a bit on gray color green is suddenly the writing life.

Add a bit blue also have another kind of feeling to the vast sky?

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If to a bright yellow, but also has a lively flavor ~? The perceptual?

640.webp (9).jpg

When Nordic hitting scene is amazing ~

White: white household can let the person's mood quiet harmony, wind tops in northern Europe. Below, together to enjoy a foreign guest household diary, this kind of return to nature, plain boreal Europe style must take you into a warm home.、

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Is grey cloth art sofa of the sitting room, gray embroidered carpet, unlike traditional home decoration, the tea table of no rules, just put two circular tripod, even such a casual let a person feel very pure and fresh, elegant.

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Bedroom space is larger, the white desk, white chest, white walls and central heating, were all fresh, a nifty trojans, let sweet atmosphere more.

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The adornment of the sitting room wall is all sorts of adornment, fashion, the arts festival and so on.

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Children room also is white furniture, the two children's bed is fluctuation bed, two different arrangement of objects on the desk, I can like it.

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Porch is relatively open, just do the open garment cap ark, edge ark, etc., the ground floor of real wood floor bar is many owners are looking for recently?

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Restaurant of candle is made of white stone, solid but following the fashion trends.

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Kitchen cabinets are solid wood production, in the use of the crowd is not much, but do well is more convenient to use, perhaps using the longer life.

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Panorama the sitting room

640.webp (20).jpg
Finally is the kitchen restaurant panoramic, advocate natural, use woodiness material, color also try to use log color, with white gives priority to tone, the Nordic style, not make public, but with personality, whether is your favorite?

Four, log color: injection in the space is full of natural breath of log material, make whole room in pure and fresh and natural space atmosphere, open field design to make the house from the person gives on the vision with the feeling of the open and bright.

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   Special custom wall ark extending from the place that take the door to the window edge, to receive ark and TV wall, has the good whole extension and visual sense.

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     Log color stick on the ground floor is spread, presents the most holistic spread effect, the sofa of gray in color space has a prominent effect, low saturation of color create a soft space environment. 

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Behind the sofa back is a piece of workbench, the workbench is a whole wall to receive, let books, collection and to display decorations, creating an open study.

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Bay window area turned into a small recreational area, have to receive a space, at the bottom of the top with a sofa chairs and tables, by the window in my spare time to drink a cup of tea is also a kind of enjoyment.

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Wood to receive ark do manual work is delicate, one of the few on the drawer, will receive USES more finely divided.

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Sitting room and dining-room are amalgamative, study in the same space, the pattern of open let household overall environment is very free and fully.

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Wooden table and space style, form a unified color.

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Color to receive ark joined the metal shelf, with color and depth increased dimensional administrative levels.

There is also !!!

640.webp (29).jpg

Such a study

640.webp (30).jpg

This kitchen

The sitting room

640.webp (32).jpg

This bedroom

640.webp (33).jpg

The public space

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