Hotel furniture development trend forecast in 2018
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Compared with traditional furniture, custom furniture has high space utilization, the advantages of personalized design, installation is simple.

Compared with traditional furniture, custom furniture has high space utilization, the advantages of personalized design, installation is simple. Now house is increasing, the use efficiency of consumers for housing space requirements is increasing day by day, at the same time, with the improvement of residents' income level, and gradually attention to living environment, increasing consumer personalized needs of furniture. Custom furniture relies on the efficient use of household space, can fully embody the consumers personalized consumer needs and characteristics of contemporary feeling, as a new rapid growth in recent years in the field of furniture consumption.

Buck up, custom furniture future growth space is still huge. In recent years, the custom furniture industry enters into the development of the rapid growth stage, under the background of the whole furniture industry slowdown still to gain of high growth.

Chinese custom furniture market outlook

1, with the recent real estate to the inventory policies of the continuous fermentation, property sales, in 2018 is expected to have maintained good growth, especially in the recent a second-tier cities in short supply, and the quantity and price trend is maxed eyeball, under the background of this custom furniture industry the boom of short-term earnings performance will remain high. As the custom furniture is decorated in the commercial housing and secondary permeability ascend, custom furniture will continue to be in the furniture industry segment temper growth industry, the future will be more than 18% per year growth, to the size of the market in 2020 will reach 160.6 billion yuan.

2, whole house customization is custom furniture the new trend of future development. Whole house is custom-made furniture enterprises on the basis of mass production, according to the design requirements of consumers to create the consumer's exclusive furniture. The rise of custom furniture, initially mainly concentrated in areas such as custom cabinets, custom wardrobe, mainly due to foreign popular incoming integral kitchen, closet door, and kitchen, chest relatively strict to the requirement of building space use, such as reason of formation, with the increase of furniture production technology mature and the concept of consumption of residents in our country furniture, custom furniture gradually expanded to the bedroom, study, sitting room, dining-room and kitchen, and other areas of the whole house furniture. Whole house customization is the development direction of custom furniture industry, although young, but already showing the vigorous development of gas power, in the near future, whole house custom will be in China's overall furniture market, will inevitably become the mainstream.

3, the flexible manufacturing production of custom furniture, marks the true custom furniture customization of industrialization, realize fully automated mass production, shorten the delivery cycle, reduce cost, production efficiency and the most satisfy consumer experience.

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