The new trend in high-end villa interior soft outfit design
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Fashion is an endless cycle. Although the modern home decoration style is constantly innovating with the trend, it will not deviate from its essential connotation, that is



Fashion is an endless cycle. Although the modern home decoration style is constantly innovating with the trend, it will not deviate from its essential connotation, that is, the dual pursuit of practicality and comfort. Therefore, only the interior design that meets the people's pursuit of a better life will be the latest fashion trend!

1. Communication between the interior and exterior of the villa design house:

As the most relaxing and pleasant form of residence, the soft decoration design and decoration should be carried out under the premise of completely protecting the internal structure from being damaged. How to make the interior furnishings an extension of the natural scenery has become the most concerned villa interior design. part. The division and definition of internal space is no longer simply determined by the practical scale of daily life. The perfect combination of indoor and outdoor can make the soft-packed design to the fullest.

2, the villa design style is personalized:

The villa decoration design must meet the owner's personal life. Although the cool and minimalism is popular, it has even become a fashion design representative, but it is gradually being disintegrated and eroded by the personalized soft symbols. The elements of complete conflict are no longer simple to complex mutations, or special expressions of individuality, eclectic sloppyness and casualness, making villas truly a tool of enjoyment, and the advantages of social status and ideology must also pass. Personal unique enjoyment and quality to present.

3, the villa design is intended to subvert the eternal:

The destruction of all mature positions is also the most indefatigable for the villa designers. In the past, the idea of a single style and strict matching has been completely broken. For example, the perfect combination of the living room sofa that was once considered to be three plus two plus one has long been conservative and Without creativity, it is likely to be replaced by a complete look. It may be a combination of furniture that seems completely unfamiliar, but it implies the unique logic of the owner's life. The mix of furniture does not match the implicit logic of the owner's life. The designer's bold and in-depth master's life needs are unprecedented.

4. The retro design of the villa is not mechanical repetition:

Retro seems to be a constant theme, but vintage is never mechanically repeated. In this era, the cultural core contained in the classic theme is deeply understood and preserved, and the styling, materials and colors that carry the essence of culture create a wonderful combination of many new materials and new technologies.

5, villa decoration attaches importance to soft decoration:

   After the hard work of the villa was completed, people did not give up the pursuit of soft aesthetics. Those who know how to taste life can better understand how the blanks in the home should be filled. Through a variety of artistic ornaments to highlight the beauty of the home, it is clearly a part of the home improvement process can not be ignored.

6, the villa pays more attention to the functional design:

    The beauty of the design will eventually return to the true nature of life. Practical functions are the top priority of furniture design, because furniture is not only bought because it is good-looking, but more importantly, it can provide many conveniences for life and can serve people's lives.

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