The whole house to customize the prospect analysis of household
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优势分析: 当消费群体日趋年轻,消费需求日益个性化,定制开始成为流行趋势、成为消费主流。



advantage analysis:

  As consumer groups become younger and consumer demand becomes more and more personalized, customization has become a popular trend and has become the mainstream of consumption. As an upgraded version of the overall furniture, the whole house has a unique personality, and in-depth communication with consumers in the design process can fully integrate the consumer's living habits and aesthetic standards.

In terms of satisfying individual needs, in the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow the trend of furniture to carry out furniture R&D and production according to simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model is not the size that does not meet the user's requirements, or the style does not meet personal preferences. The whole house furniture customization divides the market into individuals, and designs furniture according to individual requirements. Consumers are one of the designers of furniture.

Relatively speaking, the whole house custom furniture from the design, selection of materials, to the furniture specifications, functions, upgrades and environmental protection are individually customized, according to the consumer's housing space layout and needs to complete the furniture customization. Whether it is TV cabinets, sofas and other living room furniture, cabinets, dining tables and other kitchen furniture or bedroom beds, wardrobes, study bookcases, desks, etc. have taken into account the practicality and personalization.

The whole house customization allows the consumers to design the furniture according to the living environment and personal hobbies. It can not only communicate with the designer face-to-face to communicate the color matching and style specifications of the furniture, but also make rational use of various spaces in the home, improve space utilization, and carry out furniture and The overall mix of home environment.

In terms of embodying the taste of the owner, for modern people, furniture is not only a practical item, but also represents a life attitude. It can make rational use of the various spaces in the home and match the entire home environment. For example, the whole wardrobe can be customized, the wardrobe can be embedded in the wall, and the appropriate sliding door can be fitted. The wardrobe is integrated with the whole decoration style, and can also be customized according to the owner's personality, fully reflecting the owner's taste.

In the traditional marketing mode, furniture companies in order to maximize profits, through large-scale production to reduce product costs, once the market encounters a slight unpredictable, such large-scale production of furniture due to the inevitable result of slow sales or backlog, resulting in waste of resources. The whole house customization is based on consumer order production, almost no inventory, and accelerates capital turnover. For the customer, after choosing the furniture, you actually spent a lot of the renovation cost, and the basic pattern has been determined. The rest is just to hand over the part of the basic project to the decoration company. Avoid creating many unnecessary additions.

 Disadvantage analysis:

In recent years, although many companies are vigorously promoting themselves as “customers”, in fact, a large number of enterprises mainly rely on the purchase of finished furniture, and the investment in customization is obviously insufficient. Most of the companies that have introduced customized home services say they don't understand the customization model. The company rarely produces it by itself, mainly by acquiring some custom furniture companies, or cooperating with some companies that make wooden doors, curtains, ceilings, etc. Provide overall home customization services to promote the market, or directly to find custom furniture companies to cooperate, only to customize the furniture services.

It is very difficult for furniture companies to cross the custom home. If it is just a matter of modifying the customization on the basis of the existing furniture products, it is difficult to go through the whole furniture customization or the overall home customization.

First, the amount of customized business is unstable, and the quantity is small. The manufacturing is difficult for most existing furniture companies, and the cost and production schedule are difficult to control. Customized homes require flexible production lines and refined management, which is quite difficult for furniture companies that are still in extensive management.

Secondly, in order to customize the whole house, in addition to traditional suite furniture, cabinets and wardrobes, including ceilings, lighting, curtains and other decorations, are also required. In this respect, enterprises cannot produce or incomplete, and there will be external procurement or cooperation. The problems of cost, quality and delivery, etc., are difficult for most furniture companies to solve or unwilling to touch. Some companies are now taking advantage of the Internet home improvement platform to provide home customization services.

Third, the business promotion of the customized home model has not gone beyond the previous sales model of finished furniture, and it is difficult to break through in terminal sales.

Fourth, compared to standardized finished furniture, the whole house custom furniture products are more likely to expose various problems from design, manufacturing to distribution and installation. For the finished furniture, consumers will pay attention to the details and parts. For custom furniture, they only pay attention to whether their appearance and size conform to the space environment of the home, neglecting various details and causing disputes afterwards. Moreover, the standardization of the whole house customization process is still not perfect, and it will lead to frequent consumer complaints.

However, the “Whole House Customized Home Products” industry standard introduced in January 2016 has made corresponding requirements for the whole house custom furniture products, further protecting the rights of consumers, and means that the whole house customization will step into the new The period of development.

Fifth, in the absence of a mature talent team, technical strength and long-term experience, the road to custom development of the whole house will inevitably experience some ruggedness. But it is therefore too reckless to deny the whole house customization.

Whole house customization is an innovation of old-style civilian finished furniture, which promotes the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure to a certain extent, and is a direction for the upgrading and development of the furniture industry. Now, as long as they enter the furniture store, most of the clerk will propose custom furniture for the customer, in order to fit the consumer's home space and structure, showing that the whole house custom furniture is in line with the development direction of consumers.

Due to the consideration of the uniformity of the whole house style, more and more consumers in the future hope to realize the one-stop service such as the whole house customization. Even if the whole house is customized, it will take time to test. Although the whole house custom furniture still has its imperfections, its development will not be smooth, but we should have patience and confidence to see its gorgeous future. After all, the whole house customization is in line with the changing needs of modern consumption and social trends.

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