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The second stores wuxi live zen hotel, ya tai hotel furniture company has already signed and working on...People, poetic flavour ground lives in the earth.


Right! You read that right, 4.68 million! Ma calligraphy "live zen" by zhejiang wynn group chairman yong-li zhou bought for 4.68 million yuan. When asked about worth it? Yong-li zhou replied after one hundred ma should have the same characters, such as hu xueyan that value.

Zhejiang wynn group zhejiang wynn group wynn live zen hotel chain, xiaoshan shop first stores the zen of furniture from zhongshan ya tai (hotel) furniture co., LTD. Supply of honor; The second stores wuxi live zen hotel, ya tai hotel furniture company has already signed and working on...

People, poetic flavour ground lives in the earth. If use zen theory to explain "poetically, that is" the doctrine of the mean harmony ", "nature and humanity", "peace".

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Zen is one of the popular decoration to the hotel design style in recent years, it compared with Chinese style style hale and hearty, it is more focus on pay attention to a kind of artistic conception, transcendental and free from vulgarity.

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Just think, in the billowing world of mortals, true can play such a zen feel, ask for anything? But for most people, after all, is a common heart worldly matters, the fate of the world. So even though we try psychedelic, can only borrow a zen, let oneself in the messy world, have a moment of birth, temporary escape.

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Zen design is not beautiful, but to penetrate into the depths of the natural, show the purity and simplicity, showed a bland, implicative, pure and ethereal beauty. Zen design is "no", using the "little" on the material, to seek spiritual "more" and "is also introduced to the silent zen state a means, it reflects the respect for people and nature, at the same time for busy modern urbanite to create a piece of the habitats of the soul.

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Zen design advocate contracted beauty, in hotel interior design, furniture as far as possible contracted, maintained a kind of elegant and self-esteem. In this way, the human spirit can be free to roam, the weight of the soul can relax.

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Zen, reflected in the design of modern hotel, is a natural harmonious beauty of a realm of life, is far away from the noise of the city, the soul to return to the plain and quiet.

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